Experience in the Rainforest

Price Range: $30 per person

​Duration: 3-4 hours

​Departure Time: Monday to Saturday, at 7:30 AM

​The Tropical Rainforest Experience is a four-hour hike in the jungle. It's a wonderful way to observe this fascinating environment with an experienced local naturalist who guide and has known the jungle since childhood. Walk through primary and secondary forest and spend much of the morning in the remotest parts of Hacienda Baru. During this trek we will walk on inclines and it takes a certain level of fitness. For Forest Experience we recommend you clear clothes, binoculars, insect repellent and a bottle of water. The guides will carry telescopes to help you see the wildlife up close.

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Nighttime Nature Walk

Price: $35 per person

Duration: 2-3 hours

Departure: 5:30 – 6:00 PM, Monday - Saturday. Reservation is necessary.
Limit: 8 people; Minimum: 2 people.

The nocturnal rainforest hike we call the Twilight Tour will show you what happens in the jungle when the sun goes down. The tour begins just before dark. An experienced naturalist guide will show you the wonders of tropical nature at a time of day when few venture forth.

Experience in the Pre-Columbian Forest

Price: $45 per person

Duration: 5 hours

Departure: 8:00 AM, Monday - Saturday. Previous reservation is required.
Limit: 8 people; Minimum: 2 people.

This hike is a perfect combination of tropical rainforest ecology and Pre-Columbian history. They have never made ​​an official archaeological survey of Pre-Columbian occupation of this area. However, there is a lot of evidence that indicates that once lived a large population of indigenous people here. In the Pre-Columbian Forest tour will see petroglyphs, cemeteries, and other evidence of early human occupation. During most of this hike will be within the primary forest. Your naturalist guide will explain about the rain forest and also will tell you the way of life of people who lived in this area for hundreds of years.