Price Range: $75+

Duration of Tours below: 2-4 hours

Departure Times: Depends on the tide

Kayak & Snorkeling at the Marine Whale National Reserve ($85)

Beautiful Ballena National Marine Park is located on the Southern Pacific coast which has an isolated, pristine beauty. The park is formed by 110 hectares of coast and 5,400 hectares of protected ocean territory. It is packed with unique natural formations that make its beaches out of the ordinary. Its waters are overlooked by the lush green mountains of the Fila Costeña Range. The reserve has been named after the migration of whales that come to mate and birth calf's between January through April and August through November. It also has a sand bar in the shape of a whale's tail. You will paddle in the marine reserve. Along the way, you will enjoy the scenery of the islands Three Sisters and Whale's Island. From there we will do some snorkeling around the corals that surround the whale's tale.

OCEAN Kayak "Waves and Caves "at Ventanas  ($85pp)

You will paddle along the coast of Costa Ballena and have the chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery and unique natural formations that make its beaches out of the ordinary. Along the way, you will enjoy the lush green that hugs the coast as well as its impressive rock formations in the shape of arches. We will stop at Playa Ventanas (Windows Beach) for some snacks and try to do some kayak surfing. Ventanas is surrounded by tunnels in the cliffs that look like impressive windows in the surrounding landscape- hence the beach's name. Tour availability depends on tides and swell.

Mangrove Kayaking at Damas Island Estuary ($75pp, kids $55)

This 3-hour tour includes a scenic kayak paddle through the smooth inland waterways of the Damas Island Estuary, one of the most unusual types of vegetation on the planet. Mangroves thrive where the salt waters of the ocean meet the fresh waters of tropical rivers creating a periodically submerged forest of interlacing aerial roots. You will be given paddling instructions at the beginning of the tour. From there on you will be self-propelled through this beautiful environment while your bilingual guide will show you the wealth of animal and birdlife that lives in this unique habitat, such as mangrove wrens, swallows, and an abundance of shorebirds. On the banks of the estuary, you’ll see the main protagonists of the mangrove ecosystem; crab, boa constrictors tangled in the aerial roots, silky anteaters, monkeys in the upper branches, and crocodiles slipping in and out of the water. Snacks will be provided at the end of the tour at a local restaurant.

Kayaking Hatillo Mangroves ($85pp)
This tour offers you the opportunity to enter one of the most important biological zones on the planet. The Mangroves are a sanctuary filled with life and riveting beauty. Kayaking here takes you away from the stress of real life, and into a wonder world of peaceful jungle. This mellow 3-hour tour guides you through the Hatillo Mangroves, where you can see plants and animals of all sorts. Herons swoop from branch to branch, Kingfishers dive for fish, Raccoons scurry down the tree, Crabs fight for Mangrove root ownership. You will paddle through many sections of the river, passing three different types of Mangroves, termite nests, and Orchids hidden in the trees. The river is very calm, allowing an amateur kayaker to enjoy the water, without getting tired or scared. Our knowledgeable guides will take you through the deep, lush mangroves, introducing you to the vast jungle waters, while taking you away from the hot sun and dirt roads. The birds and animals thrive in this sanctuary, so this tour is great for bird watchers. The wealth of life in the mangroves offers animal and bird lovers the chance to see many rare creatures in their natural habitat.

Kayaking Rio Baru ($85pp)
You know the mouth of the Rio Baru creates some of Costa Rica's most consistent waves, but did you ever wonder what's up the calm waters of the Baru? This self-guided tour allows you the freedom to take your time and enjoy the views of Dominical from the kayak. We supply you with the kayaks, transportation and a map, and you do the rest! Check out the local neighborhoods from the water, watch the local birds and animals play, and just enjoy the beauty of the surrounding areas of Dominical and the calm river waters. This tour is about 2 hours and a tour guide can join you, if you feel more comfortable (for a small additional fee).

Kayaking Dominicalito ($85pp)
At the point of Dominicalito, lays an intriguing island with one lonely tree. You may have seen it from the road and wanted to know more about this island. We venture out into the crystal blue waters of Dominicalito Bay, towards la Isla Parcela, the one tree island. Then we will explore the bay of Dominicalito, and head up to Rocas de Amancio. Dolphins and Sea Turtles will swim alongside our kayaks as we enjoy Dominical's lush green mountains from a different angle. We have the opportunity to see tropical fish swimming below us. This tour give a great opportunity to capture the amazing coastline of Dominical.

​Trips include: professional equipment, snacks (fruits and drinks), transportation and lots of fun.

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