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Barú Falls Waterfall Tour

Tour Package two is set atop beautiful Baru Falls which has 2 different picturesque waterfalls ranging from 60 to 120ft. You can reach this location either by a 30-minute hike along a panoramic ridgetop into the valley below. Once at the falls, you are first trained on how to properly and safely rappel on a small training hill. After completion of this training, you begin your exciting 120 ft rappel down the face side of Baru Falls. Once you complete the rappel, there is a short hike to a spectacular viewpoint at the bottom of both waterfalls where there is a large natural 20ft deep swimming hole. You then have the option to engage in a variety of activities listed below. The objective of this adventure tour is actually dual purpose. Firstly, to face the challenge of walking over the face of a cliff. And secondly, we have found that many participants also experience a deeper faith through this symbolic step. For many, this can lead to a joyful breakthrough in growth.

Nauyaca Waterfall on Horseback

Price Range: $70pp (includes lunch)

​Duration: 5.5 hours

Departure Time: 8:00am


Nauyaca Waterfalls is a totally Costa Rican owned family tourism company, dedicated for several years to tour operations. These are horseback riding tours, traveling through the farm that border with two impressive waterfalls from Río Barucito. These majestic waterfalls are one of the main attractions of the southern region in Costa Rica, not only for their natural scenic beauty, which offers the tourist moments of recreation and fun, but also to participate in different activities such as horseback riding tours, swimming, climbing, jumping and to observe much of the beauty of the tropical rainforest, among others.

Diamante Verde Waterfall

Set atop one of Costa Rica's most beautiful natural terrains. Home to the howler monkey, exotic birds and wildlife, here you will discover some of the most spectacular rainforests and extreme river gorges in the country. Explore the many facets of this natural jewel. It is approximately a challenging 2 to 2 1/2 hour hike to get into the pristine cloud/rain forest. Your accommodations will be inside a very large, open cave behind two 90ft waterfalls with kitchen and sleeping facilities where all equipment and provisions are provided. On the mountain there are 10 spectacular falls including Costa Rica's tallest at 600ft! While at the top you are able to hike to other waterfalls with diving and swimming areas!